Scanhugger UK specialises in wood waste related machinery and material handling systems. We offer hopper style Scanhugger Shredders, Scanhugger Horizontal Shredders , and Scanhugger Scrap Guillotines. Related systems offered by us include chip augers and chip conveyors, wood waste conveyors, fan and filter systems.
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Scanhugger Shredders, with their exclusive "chip-pocket" rotor design and square shoulder knife design, are capable of shredding most any type of wood waste; including hardwood and softwood cutoffs, particle board or MDF scrap, high pressure laminates, truss cutoffs, pallets.


The cornerstone of the Scanhugger design is a PLC controlled, hydraulic operated ram system. The ram pushes the wood waste into the grinding rotor at a uniform, controlled rate, keeping the main motor operating at optimum efficiency.




  • New 'chip pocket' rotor and knife design
  • Reversible and sharpenable shoulder style cutting knives and counter knives
  • Rugged mainframe and ram construction.
  • Chrome-nickel shafting with 'power lock' hubs
  • Hydraulic oil sensors for low level or high temp shutdown
  • Hour meter furnished with preventative maintenance schedule




The ram guide system features reversible phoenolic ways for "day-in, day-out" long wearing dependability. Also, heavy duty UHMW adjustable gibs insure smooth ram operation


The main motor uses oversized double row tapered roller bearings with "power lock" hubs. These components are ideal for use with high torque loads and are not affected by vibration and load reversals typical of wood shredders.



Chip size is controlled using a heavy duty, perforated chip screen with square holes. The rotor has precision machined chip pockets in front of each alloy steel knife. The exclusive design maximizes the Scanhugger output. Tooling costs are minimal inthat the knives are indexable four times, and can be reground at least once. Chip removal can be accomplished using a central dust collection system, a material handling fan, or an optional discharge chip auger or chip conveyor.


The Scanhugger HT 25/20/2 horisontal feed chipper is ideally suited for cutting rib edgings and off-cuts to a
precise chip . The chipper can be placed in the factory at the source of waste. Operating in-line with a straight- or
gang rib saw, it continously reduces the waste produced and eliminates the handling of slabs and edgings.


Horizontal Slow Turning chippers- The Scanhugger HL 35/30/2 and HL 55/30/2 are ideally suited for locating in the factory at the source of the waste. Operating in line with the gang saw, straight line rip saw, or panel saw, the chippers eliminate the handling of off-cuts and edgings. The cutting knives are indexable 4 times and can be ground 1 or 2 times depending on the wear. The chip size is determined by the hole diameter in the screen.





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